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Voice Actors Advice: How to Take Care of Your Voice

Athletes are fanatical about taking care of their bodies and staying healthy, because they know that losing their health could put them out of the game forever. Musicians treat their instruments with tender love, because if their instrument breaks, they’ll be out of work until it can be fixed. As a voice-over actor, you need to take care of your own instrument – your voice – so it can keep earning you a living for years to come.

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5 Reasons You Should Use a Professional Voice Actor for Your Animated Video

Animated videos are a huge trend right now. Brands are using animations to promote their products, give useful content, and provide support and help tutorials. Many companies like to cut corners and save money by using voice generation software to create their voiceover, but we’re here to tell you that if you want to create a truly professional experience, you need to hire a real actor.

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How to Analyse Commercial Copy for Voiceover Acting

You’ve landed a great voiceover gig for a commercial company. They’ve sent over a script for you to look over. How do you ensure you’ll do the best possible job and really make that copy pop?

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