Christian Starr-Lassen

Has Own Studio

I have been in love with recording sound and images since my parents rented a video camera to document my sister's first days on earth.
I got hold of it and filmed my favorite comic book: "Tintin" frame by frame and created a voice for each character.
25 years, 20 countries, and 4 languages later, I'm now a professional actor based in Paris and I still just can't get enough of speaking into microphones.

I speak US English, Norwegian, French and Dutch.

To sum up my business philosophy, I am committed to getting the take right and helping you achieve your artistic objectives. I emphasize not just the performance and technical side of VO but also the service side of the business: dependable, prompt, courteous service: I strive to understand your needs up front, and am not happy with the take until you are.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!


Top quality home studio with Source Connect is available as standard.

My SCID is: christianstarr


Location: Paris, France


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well spoken