Eloise Oxer

Has Own Studio

As a NIDA-trained actor and an RMIT-trained writer Eloise Oxer has an extensive collection of crafts at the ready. For over 20 years she's worked across film, TV, theatre and cabaret, alongside some of Australia's most devoted and uncelebrated playhouse creatures in pokey warehouses and makeshift performance spaces and for some of the country's most renowned state companies with ensembles as illustrious as their harbour views. 

Eloise's speciality this past decade has been in long-form book narration and, as a lover of language and its many musical variations, she has relished the challenges these projects provide. Having said that, if it's a subtle, straight performance you need, or something fast and furious, she is also right at home with warm and welcoming neutral Australian, top-notch British or stars-and-stripes standard US. No story is too short, none too long. If it's words you want to bring to life then you've come to the right place.

Eloise can travel as your project requires and can also accommodate all your voiceover needs in her Melbourne-based studio, be it for radio, podcast, television, film, animation, e-Learning, apps or the internet, where she works with a beautiful Australian-made Rode K2 condenser valve microphone that offers all the intimacy and presence of live performance.


Location: Melbourne VIC, Australia


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