Emma O'Neill

Adult, Mature Adult
Has Own Studio

Emma is an Award Winning Female Voice Actor specializing in Commercial, Narration, and Corporate training videos.

Emma started her career at the ripe old age of two in Dublin, when she starred in a commercial for Super Mac's, Ireland’s version of McDonald’s. She was only in it for the free ice cream. Little did she know that many years later, she would still be working in the same field. Emma has a BFA Honours degree in Acting from York University in Toronto and has spent most of her life on stage and sets prancing about in fancy costumes. In 2012, she made the leap into full time VO when she decided that dressing up for work was overrated. 

Emma's voice is warm and inviting, with a confidence that draws people in. Some even say it sounds like she knows what she's talking about, no matter how complicated the content. Chances are you've already heard her on Radio and Television voice for clients like Mercedes-Benz, The United Nations, Vaseline, and during the 2019 Academy Awards. To hear more, click the demos.

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada




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