Glenn Howard

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Has Own Studio

Glenn is fun, witty, and always on-hand with a friendly dose of Canadian charm. As both a branding voice for BMW Motorrad and a narrator for NASA he brings the perfect blend of calm, cool, and approachable. And if you get him in the ring on a hard-sell retail campaign, he'll deliver a left uppercut that's guaranteed to get results.

Glenn is highly trained in commercial, medical, automotive, narration, and TV promo with coaches Marice Tobias (Tobias Entertainment, LA), Johnna Gottlieb (JG Consulting, NYC), Joyce Castellanos (Los Angeles), Cliff Zellman (RadioVision, Dallas), and Kim Hurdon (Kim Hurdon Casting, Toronto).

Glenn's home studio features live connectivity via Source-Connect Standard, Skype, Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, and analog phone patch.

Skype ID:   ghvo_3

Source-Connect ID:  rainmakers

Select Clients: 

San Francisco 49ers, “Normal Doesn’t Play Here”

Copywriter / Director: D.J O’Neil

Agency: Hub Strategy (San Francisco)


LA-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries (signature voice)

Copywriter / Director: Brian Silver

Agency: Zimmerman 


Michigan State University, “Spartans Will”

Copywriter / Director: Terri Burmester

Agency: BVK (Milwaukee)

Glenn’s home studio is equipped with a custom-designed soundproof voice booth, UAD Apollo Twin MK II audio interface, Sennheiser 416 / Neumann U87 mics, Source-Connect Standard (and NOW), analog phone patch, and ultra high-speed internet allowing instantaneous, broadcast-quality connections around the globe.

In 2016, Glenn was honoured to have been nominated for a SOVAS Voice Arts Award© in the category of “Outstanding National TV Commercial Campaign – Best Voiceover” for his work with Michigan State University’s “Spartans Will” National TV campaign.

He’s a dad, a husband, a best friend, an ordinary guy with an extraordinary collection of guitars, and a habit of building things out of other things. He finds inspiration in collaboration, travel, photography, skiing, carpentry, and spending time with his family in the mountains of Banff National Park.

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada




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