Grace Kayes-Moller

Teenager, Young Adult
Has Own Studio

Hello! My name's Grace.

I've been singing and acting ever since I can remember and have always loved impersonating characters and people. 

I like to think of myself as having an audiographic memory, as I can easily recall just how people speak or how things sound and replicate it. 

I am a singer/songwriter who writes and records music every day in my home studio, so I have all the tools and accessories available to me to record and produce excellent quality demos. 

Music is my first love, but I have also played major roles in various school plays, and appeared in various TVCs.

I was also lucky enough to play the lead role in a short film 'Ballad for a Girl in Pain' which was chosen for the Melbourne Women in Film Festival 2022.

My schedule is very flexible and because my studio is at home, my turn around is very fast.

I am also always up for a challenge and I am a fast learner so I would love the opportunity to take a shot at an accent or speaking style that doesn't appear on the ones listed below!

Thanks! :)

Location: Auckland, New Zealand




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