Simon Phillips

Has Own Studio

Once upon a time in a land far away there was a boy called Simon, and all he ever wanted to do was record voiceovers.

Okay that’s not exactly true, but you probably don’t want to read my life story any more than I want to write it. The demos are down there somewhere.

If you like what you hear you will find me reliable, professional and easy to work with. And that is true, despite my aversion to writing profile bios.

Clients include: Acast, Accenture, Activision, Adidas, Amazon, Audi, Axa, Barclays, BMW-Mini, Burger King, eBay, Eon Energy, Ernst & Young, the European Central Bank, Expedia, General Motors, Google, GSK, Her Majesty’s Cabinet Office, HSBC, Intel, KFC, KPMG, Johnson & Johnson, Marks & Spencer, Microsoft, the National Health Service, Netflix, Nissan, Procter & Gamble, Santander, Shell, Sony, Spotify, Sun Edison, Uber, Verizon, Virgin and Vodafone.

Location: London, UK




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