Viviana Armas

Teenager, Adult, Child, Young Adult
Has Own Studio

I’m Viviana Armas, a Mexican voice over artist and dubbing actress. From my home studio in France I can deliver professional voice overs worldwide in neutral or international Spanish, French and English with a Mexican accent.

I’ve been doing voice over for 10 years and over that period of time I’ve voiced for brands such as Vevo, Spotify, Nissan, Nescafé, Dr. Mercola…

My accent is known to be “neutral” or “international”. International Spanish is perfectly understood by Spanish speakers all over the world, whether in Latin America, the United States or even in Europe.

I’m bilingual Spanish-French. So, I can help you if you are looking for a voice over actress who speaks fluent French but still has a Mexican touch. Or let’s say you’re after a French voice over with an authentic and pronounced Mexican accent, to interpret a character in a movie, video game, or any other project, I can help you too!

I have a soprano voice, my high vocal range is well suited to a little boy’s, a little girl’s, a teenager’s, or a woman‘s voice.

Location: Nantes, France


spanish - latin american
french - standard


Spanish - Latin American


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