How Do I Find a Voiceover?

I'm looking for a voiceover artist . . . . . but where do I start?!

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Top Tips For A Great Audition

Here are some tips for ensuring you are putting your best voice forward for every audition!

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Covid 19


With Covid-19 it’s a difficult time out there with growing global concern. I hope you’re doing ok and taking an informative stock of the situation on a day by day basis. 

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What Does BigMouth Voices Do For You

What BigMouth Voices does for you and what you can do for BigMouth Voices

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Sam arden

Sam Ardern on Running His Own Animation and Content Studio

We’ve got Sam Ardern from OnePost Media talking about his experience as the owner operator of a small animation and video production studio in Wellington, NZ. Sam’s experience moving from the corporate world into his own business is inspiring, and he has some great advice for other businesses who need to hire voice over actors.

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Sam arden 2

Tips for Voice Over Actors from Veteran Client Sam Ardern

Sam runs an animation/video production company, OnePost Media, in Wellington, New Zealand. He regularly hires voice over actors from BigMouth Voices for his projects. We’ve asked Sam to give our VO talent some tips on how to land gigs for a company like his.

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What kind of direction to expect from the client

What Kind Of Direction To Expect From The Client

We know that to do the best job possible on a voice over recording it helps to have direction from the client. That’s why we’re working hard with our clients to educate them on how to give you good direction and constructive feedback so you can totally nail their brand voice.

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How to direct the voiceover session

How to Direct the Voice Over Session

Many of our clients want to take a more active role in directing their talent during the voice over session. It’s important that you speak up and give great instruction so your voice can deliver your brand message exactly the way you want it.

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Meet the Voices: Interview with Award Winning Voiceover Artist Toby Ricketts

BigMouth Toby Ricketts just won 4 out of his 6 nominations at the UK’s biggest voice awards taking home the night’s supreme accolade of Male Voiceover of the Year! So we thought we’d take a look into how it all began for Toby and learn a bit more about the man behind the voice.

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What types of clients come through bigmouth

What Types of Clients Come Through BigMouth?

As part of BigMouth Voices you’re probably wondering what kinds of clients you’ll be working for and how you’ll be working with those clients. Find out more about what to expect!

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