Kelly MacBride

Young Adult, Adult, Teenager
Has Own Studio

Working from her broadcast quality home studio in Sydney, Kelly has a native British RP voice that has been described as dynamic, conversational and expressive with bright and warm tones. Thanks to her American heritage and living in Australia, she also work seamlessly in Standard American, Australian and Mid-Atlantic accents that will give your project a uniquely international and ‘unplaceable’ sound.

With a growing roster of happy clients, Kelly has voiced a wide range of commercial and corporate projects for the likes of Qatar Airways, Cetaphil, TCS, StockX, Thomas Cook, The University of York and Ferrero. 

Her on-going passion and experience in improv, sketch comedy and theatre also helps in bringing your characters to life in authentic, fun and inventive ways!

So whether you're looking for a genuine Brit, a quirky off-beat character or a more International voice that will cross cultures and appeal to multiple markets, she'd be delighted to provide a bespoke demo and show you the value she can add to your project.

  • Studio | Fully acoustically treated broadcast quality vocal booth, -70-80db noise floor

  • Microphone | Rode NT1-A

  • Audio Interface | M-Audio M-track 2-channel USB Audio Interface

  • Software | Adobe Audition, Source Connect Now

Location: Sydney NSW, Australia


Spanish - Iberian


british english
mid atlantic
international english
standard us