Oliver Rae

Mature Adult, Adult, Young Adult, Teenager

G’day, I’m an Australian character voice talent with a broad range of character voice overs and vocal capabilities! I am most in my element doing character voices for the likes of animation/games and if you need a villain I’m your guy! (I’m a sucker for “bad guy” roles :P).

If you want a generic Aussie accent though I can do that by default but you will find that I am quite versatile and can produce suitable voices for any character types. I am adaptable however, as my character voice demos will show you 🙂 I’ve catered to clients of corporate, small business and individuals alike.
To cite a few examples of my experience,  I have been cast for several characters in the upcoming animation web series “Life Sucks” by Fake Grape Productions, I’ve done pieces for Australia Post’s internal radio with short creative segments promoting their values and the like, as well as commercial radio ads for AB Cleaning Supplies in my home town of Bundaberg as well as some fan-dubs of animation in the online community.

I look forward to working with you on character voice overs as your character voice talent soon!

Location: Brisbane QLD, Australia




International English
Southern US


video games