How Do I Find a Voiceover?

Hi! Sarah here. At BigMouth Voices we are always available to help you find the perfect voiceover artist for your project. We know that initially it might seem overwhelming and you might not know where to start so here are the steps we recommend you take:

1. Create a client profile so that once you add voices to your shortlist you can take the next step. You can do this HERE

2. When it comes to finding a voice we have created loads of filter options available to you. So have a go at selecting the gender, age band, accent, language and style that you're after. You can also filter by location or whether a voice has a home studio or not. Let us know if there are any search filters that you would like us to add 👍🏼

3. Once you have your search results you can listen to their demo reels - or just the first 20 seconds or so. We've tried to edit the reels so that the first 30 seconds give you two reads with two differing styles from each voice

4. If you want to find out more about your selected voice you can click on their thumbnail and this will take you to their full profile page

Once you have search results you can add your faves to a shortlist and then either request a FREE AUDITION from them or you can CHECK THEIR AVAILABILITY for your recording session date and time.

If you need any help with booking a studio then we can also help with this as we work closely with Native Audio in Auckland. And you can either direct the session in person or you can also connect to the session remotely.

Find your next voiceover here

Sing out if you have questions - we love to talk!