What Does BigMouth Voices Do For You


  • ongoing promoting and highlighting of voices
  • responding to casting requests
  • always on the lookout for requests that might come from elsewhere and respond to them
  • meeting with new clients on a weekly basis
  • negotiating the best fees for you all
  • creating a buzz on social media about all the great things VO that we are up to
  • constantly following all things voice and advertising, locally and globally, to ensure we have a really good hold on the movings and shakings in the industry


  • we send a Voice of the Week out to all our commercial clients each week to keep BigMouth and you at the forefront of their minds!
  • we run Voice Direction Sessions with creatives as we continue to encourage everyone to understand how to get the best voiceover out of our voiceover artists. These are also a great way to get you directly in front of the creatives


  • we highlight one Australian Voice each month when we send out our monthly newsletter to all our client base
  • we are continuing to build up our Australian client base 
  • we now have an office address in Melbourne and Sydney to help get us ‘on the map’ over the Tasman
  • we do need more Australian voices so that we have a better sample to offer clients. We’re not about opening the floodgates. We want a select few of the best VO artists that are able to self-record. Tell your VO friends who you think would be a good fit to get in contact!


  • we highlight one International Voice each month when we send out our monthly newsletter to all our client base
  • let me know who your other agents are so that we don’t all sub you for the same jobs
  • many of you have found us through The VO Agent Alliance and we’re proud to be part of the #voicestrong movement
  • and of course we are known in NZ as the agency with the best range of international voice artists so we are the ‘go to’ agency for clients here in NZ that are looking for international voices


  • keep your reels up to date
  • make sure you have selected languages and accents (including your native language and accent)
  • add reels showcasing the languages you speak and accents you can nail. There is no point having this selected on your profile if clients can’t hear you doing it!
  • keep us in the know with what you are up to and your availability
  • send us photos of you in session, or great VO that you have done, that we can then share on our social media
  • If you haven’t already you can join our Facebook Community here 

We love working with you and doing all that we can to get you as much VO work as possible!