Braden Alexander

Child, Teenager, Adult, Mature Adult
Has Own Studio

A little about myself, I’m an actor currently living in Palm Beach, Florida. In the meantime, I have full remote-recording capability from my home studio, and I’m very comfortable with traveling to locations for work.

In terms of acting training, I attended college and graduated with a BFA in Musical Theater in 2022. During my education, I received coaching from Chita Rivera, Becky Timms, and other Broadway actors/directors. 

Since graduation, I have been not only continuing to train in voice over specifically; with multiple coaches. I am always working to improve my skills, and add even more to my toolbox.

My strengths lie in my vocal range, professional vocal training, and my strong improvisational skills. I bring an organic girl-next-door vibe to my performances, and have the range and capacity to play a multitude of different characters believably. From teen leads to young boys, or even more serious, and commanding. 

As a trained singer, I can bring strength, sweetness and power to my singing performances, and I can also comfortably sing in character voices.

Outside of continuing to train, I have been auditioning on the regular and earlier this year I booked a children’s cartoon, Moose Toy’s “Magic Mixies”, in which I played “Trickle” in Season 4 episode 5 called “Run Dry”

Location: Palm Beach, FL, USA


character- british cockney
character - french
manchester accented english
mid atlantic
midwestern us
new york us
rp accented english
southern us

Voice Filters:

character - teenager
cute lisp
gal/guy next door
well spoken