Brandon Jenkins

Teenager, Young Adult, Adult, Mature Adult
Has Own Studio

 I am a Non-Binary, LGBTQ+ professional, non-union Voice Over Artist, Demo script writer, and baker. From making the perfect script to bring out what makes your voice unique, to using my own to elevate your characters and projects, to making a really good brownie, I'd love to do it all for you!

     Originally working as an elementary teacher, my best lessons always involved creating character voices to better help kids get engaged in learning. I learned how much a voice alone can change how people view the world. A calm, serine voice could relax and focus a class to remain more attentive on a story I was reading. Silly and goofy voices added some humor and engagement into a potentially dull math lesson.

     Since than, I've poured my heart and soul into all my crafts, like pouring the perfect amount of batter into cupcake tins. Years of training, and years more to go, I'm ready to deliver you the perfect delivery, be it for voice over, script, or anything else I can offer to make your work perfect. I'm easy to work with, and pride myself on professional quality and fast delivery. I can't wait to make our time together go as smoothly as the top of an un-cracked cheesecake, complete with cherries on top.

     Based in North East United States, my voice has been described as: Friendly, Authoritative, and Calming, but that's hardly the end of it. I can use my voice to make any number of characters or deliveries for the exact sound you're looking for, or write up demos to do the same for you. Like an endless box of chocolates, I can be anything you need, and I can't wait to help bring life to your story!

Location: Chester Springs, PA 19425, USA




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Eastern European
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