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About Gustavo Zouain

With his voice, Gustavo Zouain brings to life several renowned brands such as Amazon, P&G Health, Disney, Del Valle, MRV, Unimed, Jeep, Federal Government, among others. Gustavo holds a degree in Advertising and knows deeply the process of creating an advertising campaign.


The Artist

However, for Gustavo, it is not just about the voice: he is able to reach the soul of the text. A true voice artist who interprets the text by valuing the right words and the ideal moments to pause, always maintaining a natural and conversational narration, while respecting the briefing.


The Studio

Gustavo's studio was designed by an acoustics specialized company and features acoustic insulation and treatment, as well as professional equipment such as the Neumann TLM 103 microphone, Preamp Focusrite ISA Two, SSL2 Audio Interface, Yamaha HS8 monitors, and Mac OS platform.


Specializations and Awards

Gustavo has been dedicated to specialization courses in advertising narration with big names in the market, such as Regina Bittar, Nicola Lauleta, Bruno Rochel, Malu Pontes, Rodrigo Goveia, among others. The excellence of Gustavo Zouain in his art does not go unnoticed. Being a finalist in two international editions of the One Voice Awards, as the only Brazilian in the Best International Voiceover Performance category, is a recognition of the quality and excellence of his work. Gustavo Zouain is an artist who transforms words into emotions and leaves his mark on every project he dedicates himself to.

Location: Vitória, ES, Brasil


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