Laila Berzins

Child, Teenager, Adult, Mature Adult
Has Own Studio

Gravitas. Versatile. Playful. A voice capable of moving your heart or your funny bone.

Character Specialist, Conversational, Cool, Best Friend, Confident.

Voice Description - Warm, Laid Back, Confident, Comedic, Smooth, Bubbly, Sultry, Informative, Sassy, Wry, Mom. Huge range.

Age Range - 25-40, Kids voices Teen boys, (and up to 60+ for characters - from cartoony to creatures/animals)

Capabilities: Versatile and unique character/animation voices, warm and clear telephony recordings, enticing commercial recordings, professional narrations, Intelligent sound to “girl next door”. Commercial, Explainer, Narration, Animation, Video Games, Corporate, Kids Voices, Political, Promo, Trailer

Prepare for the vocal chameleon! Laila Berzins is a Voice Arts Awards nominated voiceover artist, singer, and comedian providing warm and vibrant audio to her clients for over a decade. Her deep & resonant voice has been in commercials for Square, Google, Amazon Halo, and Febreze, while her immense range of characters and dialects (from boy and teen voices to animals and creatures) has served animation clients like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network, and games like God of War, Genshin Impact, World of Warcraft, and Hades. Laila’s powerful cut-through reads landed her promos for CBS and Hidden Figures, and her warm narration style has brought to life industrials for The Hartford, Westland Whiskey, Susan G Komen, and KB Homes. A true kid at heart, Laila loves what she does and will leave you laughing in between takes, and perhaps with a kazoo solo to end the session!

Degrees:  B.A. in Communications from University of Connecticut

Over 10 years of Theatre Studies/Experience

Home Studio:

Broadcast Quality Whisper Booth

Microphone - Neumann TLM 102 Interface

Solid State Logic SSL2 Headphones

Sennheiser Pro Audio Sennheiser HD 25 R

Recording program - Adobe Audition

Special Equipment - Source Connect Standard, Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts

***I live in Los Angeles, so I also have super easy and quick access to any recording studio in the LA area that has ISDN***

Location: Santa Clarita, CA, USA




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