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Hello! My name is Myles Thomas-Blangor, but you can call me Myles or MTB. I am a 25-year-old voiceover artist who graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University (Class of 2020) with a Bachelor’s degree in Religion and a double minor in Black World Studies and Sociology. While in college, I studied vocal training and Theatre for two years, and it was an amazing experience, so much so that I knew then I wanted to pursue VO as a potential career. One of my favorite things about the VO industry is always learning new things and being a part of something bigger than myself, like a story and/or role, universal movement, etc. Also, during college, my love of Anime and Japanese culture motivated me to learn the language and customs, its history, religion, social structure, and traditions. I also have a strong passion towards nature, religion, video games, and mythology/folklore.

While obtaining a 4-year degree at Ohio Wesleyan University, I also trained several months at Voices Carey with Bruce Carey, in Dallas, Texas, and the Atlanta Voiceover Studio for 2.5 years. My strong interest and passion to pursue VO is because as a young Black man, I care deeply about inclusion and diversity issues, specifically in this industry, and I want young Black boys and men to hear Black voices represented in the VO industry.

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