Natalie Warzywoda

Child, Teenager, Young Adult, Adult
Has Own Studio

I am a born and bred Brisbane-ite with a range of experience in screen acting and voice acting. I have a well-rounded experience in performance, both on stage and in front of the camera, as well as commercial work, and voice acting. I have been involved in several larger film and television productions as well as more collaborative voice over shorts for the film 'Joie', short films including 'Jay' and 'The Cleansing', and web-series 'Sorrowland'.

My sound 🗣:
✅️ fun
✅️ youthful
✅️ energetic
✅️ young adult 
✅️ contemporary 
✅️ character

I give new energy and excitement to both character and commercial reads. Producing high quality and clean performances in my home studio, I strive to deliver each and every performance in a timely, efficient and easy manner. 

Voicing characters in animations, being part of several large productions and indie films are just a few of things that I have been involved in. I am also working behind the camera and writing for screen and film.

In my spare time, I like to sit with a good book, hot cup of tea and my cat as a leg cozy while I create and play with new voices for characters. My acting background provides me with the tools to develop authentic characters and tease out nuances within the script. 

Location: Brisbane QLD, Australia





Voice Filters:

character - child
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