Oli Hein

Has Own Studio

I'm a British male voiceover artist. I live in Gloucestershire, UK. In a previous life, I was a radio and TV presenter in Mauritius, which is where I first gained experience in voiceovers. 

​Since then, I have also lived and worked in many places abroad, including New York and Paris.

Clients have described my voice variously as 'soothing', 'persuasive', 'confident', 'engaging', 'the right level of playful' with 'crystal clear enunciation'.

My particular skill is in languages and accents. Being half-Mauritian, I was brought up trilingual in English, French and Mauritian Creole.

More broadly, with my linguistic background, I have a good ear for both English and foreign accents which I can replicate accurately. These include (but are not limited to):

English – neutral; Australian (urban and non-urban); New Zealand; American

French – Parisian; Mauritian

​Because of my linguistic training, I am comfortable using words and sounds of almost all Indo-European languages. 


I am experienced in a wide range of voiceover work, including:

- TV and radio commercials    

- Documentary narration

- Corporate videos

- E-learning

- Explainers

- Animation

- Foreign language dubbing

- Audio books

- Audio tours

- Role Play Video games

These can all be tailored according to individual need. 


Location: Cheltenham, UK


french - standard


rp accented english

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