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Source Connect Equipped - Quick Turnaround - Broadcast Quality Audio

If you need an experienced voice talent with a home studio that’s warm and friendly, or edgy and cool. All the while, easy to work with, easy to direct and versatile, then CONGRATULATIONS! You just found him!

I can be conversational, smooth and professional, to gritty, gravelly, aged and seasoned.

VOICE STYLE/TYPE: my signature sound has been described in a lot of different ways. Friendly, conversational, believable, confident, smooth, guy next door, authoritative, animated, sincere, corporate, professional, relatable, sophisticated, informative, and educational. It all comes with some edge and grit. My voice and style has been strongly likened to Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Jeff Bridges, Ed Harris and Kurt Russell.

No matter what your need is, when it’s time to tell your story, I will work with you to make sure you get the final result you hear in your head.

STUDIO AND AUDIO: Voice-over is more than just a great read. Demanding clients expect high quality, pristine audio, and that is precisely what you can get when you hire me. Voice-overs are recorded within an ultra-quiet, acoustically treated isolation booth using a Sennheiser 416 microphone for world class sound. The studio is equipped with Source Connect, Skype, and direct phone, allowing you the option of directing the session from your location.

Reach out anytime and let’s get to work!


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