Steven Hobé

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Steven Hobé has over twenty years experience as a voiceover artist, focusing on commercial, narration, character and gaming projects. He has also voiced many projects in the corporate and business realm, such as: internal and explainer videos and training / education.

This year, Steven was nominated for Best Outstanding Movie Trailer, Best Voiceover by The 4th Annual Voice Arts® Awards. The awards evening took place at the Lincoln Center’s Fredrick P. Rose Hall in New York City on November 5, 2017.

His voice has been described as professional in tone, authoritative, friendly, conversation, believable and witty.

“Having spent part of my life in London, England and the other in North America, I have the ability to swing from British to North American accents.”

He also has the versatility and range to capture European, as well as the regional dialects of the UK – adept at straight reads, humorous and dramatic narration, as well as a range of character voice deliveries. 

“At the end of the day, happy clients are my reward.”

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada




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