Tony Pasquale

Teenager, Young Adult, Adult
Has Own Studio


+++ Voice of National Brands: Chipotle, Liberty Mutual, Walmart, Dirt Devil, KitchenAid, Kodak, Ben & Jerry's, Capital One, Verizon Wireless, Pedigree, and MANY MANY MORE!!! +++

Look, I get it. You want a voice talent with the right combination of talent, professionalism, and authenticity. You’re possibly even a little bit shocked that in today’s fast-paced, everything-now world you can’t seem to find it anywhere! Well, I have the perfect solution to all your problems. Except trying to keep your smartphone battery charged all day. I can’t figure that out. Ok, not all problems. Just one.

I can offer you a unique blend of experience and talent for any voice over project. I’ve worked with big hitters like Pedegree, Google, Chipotle, and GQ Magazine, plus I have over a decade of experience working in the industry. I’ve spent enough time as a Creative Director and really know what it takes to run a project smoothly. Combine that experience with my fun personality and natural charm (wink, wink), and you’ve got the only talent you need for any voiceover project. I can do easy, warm, natural and real and then switch to aggressive and authoritative in a snap.

Need your special project edited and in various formats? I’ve definitely got you covered. Does your project need special effects or music? I can do them all. I’ve worked hard over the years to refine my style in to something that is captivating, fresh, and diverse. One of the best things about me is my flexibility, and I don’t mean on the dance floor. I can adjust to the needs of any project quickly and successfully, and taking directions, listening, and adapting are my special skills.

In order to get them to listen, you need to really connect your message to your listeners. As the voice overtalent with the relaxed guy next door style, I’ll provide the missing link that completes your project and humanizes you to your listeners.

Location: New York, NY, USA


cinema trailer
explainer video