5 Reasons You Should Use a Professional Voice Actor for Your Animated Video

Animated videos are a huge trend right now. Brands are using animations to promote their products, give useful content, and provide support and help tutorials.

Many companies like to cut corners and save money by using voice generation software to create their voiceover, but we’re here to tell you that if you want to create a truly professional experience, you need to hire a real actor. Here’s why:

1. Voice actors add personality

A generated voice can only ever do a few different types of intonation. No matter how sophisticated they are, you’re still going to get a pretty straight reading. A voice actor adds vibrancy and personality to their work. They’ll be able to enhance your brand with excitement, pleasure, cautiousness, anger, lust, and a whole range of other emotions.

2. Voice actors stay on the beat 

Speech has a rhythm and cadence to it – good actors use this beat to draw in the listener and carry them along on the journey. A generated voice will not be able to keep this same beat, and it makes them sound less natural.

3. Voice actors make a quality video

If you’ve spent time and money producing animations, don’t ruin your hard efforts by putting a computer-generated voice over the top. Your audience take note of the details, and spending the money to ensure a high quality product will make them feel valued and satisfied.

4. Voice actors give your company a voice

Voice actors set the tone for your company. By using the same actors across different videos, and injecting the brand’s personality into the speech and intonation, you’ll create a unique brand experience that will carry through all of your animations.

5. Voice actors make people take action

Voice actors are trained in how to make content engaging, and to take the listener on a journey that ends in the call-to-action. With the voice actor leading the way, more of your audience will click through or take the next step. 

If these aren’t compelling enough reasons to choose a voice actor, then the bottom line should be – natural voices sell more products. But don’t take my word for it – why don’t you find out for yourself?

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