BigMouth Voices

Bigmouth started out in 1996 with the quirky raw voices from bFM. Over the years the number of voices and clients grew. We maintained the integrity of being an agency with great voices, efficient service and a bit of fun!

We keep up with the play and we love technology (that works!) and saw the need for an online voiceover booking system with the largest number of voice artists in Australasia.

With more and more clients and voices coming to Bigmouth from around the world, and with the best online platform out there, we are excited to become

We look forward to working with you all soon. We love to talk!


Sarah McLeod

Sarah has extensive experience working in the film and television industry for over twenty years as an actress, voice over artist, teacher and producer, including playing Rosie Cotton in the world famous Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

She is proud to have been at the helm of Bigmouth Voices since 2011. Her strength lies in her vision for the voice over industry and the ability to make things happen. With a team of innovators Sarah is taking Bigmouth Voices into a new era both within New Zealand and globally.

Sarah prides herself in working closely with voices and clients to ensure everyone is getting the best possible experience and is the matchmaker of the voice over industry - so get set for your date!