Get More Work from Your Bigmouth Voices Profile with These Expert Tips

You’ve really enjoyed the voiceover work you’ve done so far and you want more. That’s awesome! We’d love to help you get as much voice over work as you can handle. 

In order to attract the right clients you need to make sure your bio looks professional and sells your skills and expertise. 

We gathered some tips from our top voice over actors on setting up your profile on BigMouth Voices. Here’s what they said: 

Use a professional image

Choose a clear head and shoulders shot with an aspect ratio of 1x1. It’s a good idea to crop your image before you upload it to make sure it turns out exactly the way you want it. (You can use for free.)

Keep your bio concise

Save your life story for your film script. Keep your bio short and sweet and focus on what you offer a business. You can include links to examples of your voice over work.

Update your reel

Remember that you can update your reel at any time! Change up your reel every 6-12 months so clients are not listening to the same thing whenever they shortlist you.

Accents, styles, and languages

Make it clear if you speak in different Accents and Languages and remember to make sure you upload a demo specific to those accents and languages on your profile. Keep your Styles to 8-12 at most. Too many styles overcrowd your account. 

The nitty gritty

The little things make all the difference. Check you list the correct phone number (including the international dialing code). We sent texts from New Zealand so we need the correct code if you’re based overseas or you won’t get them. It’s not compulsory, but adding your date of birth is also a good idea.

I hope this helps you create a strong profile that will help you win more work!

In our next blog we’ll cover your payment info and some BigMouth updates.

If you need any help updating your profile, just let us know!