Here’s How The BigMouth Process Works

If you’re looking for a voiceover actor for your company or project you’ve come to the right place. Here at BigMouth Voices, we’ve got every kind of voice actor you could possibly imagine!

In this article we show you how to go through our system, find a voice and hire them for a job. You’ll see just how simple it is. 

(note: we have two types of clients; Everyday Clients, and Commercial Clients. The process is slightly different for each, so we’ve detailed both below).

BigMouth Voices for Commercial Clients

This is the more traditional type of VO. You come to us from agencies, studios or production companies working on behalf of a client.

If this is you, the process looks like this:

  • You approach BigMouth with either a brief requesting submissions or a request for a specific voice.
  • We suggest voices that might work for your project. When you approve a voice we create the booking.
  • You do also have the capability to search for voices, check their availability or request auditions. 
  • Once selected, the voice attends a creative session with your team (or you phone or skype in) to take direction on the project.
  • Upon completion of the job BigMouth invoices you. You pay the invoice, and Bob’s your uncle. And we look forward to working with you again in the future!
  • If you use a lot of voice over actors you can create a profile on BigMouth (or we can create one for you). When you log in, you can see a running record of all the jobs you have created, who you used, and how much it cost.

BigMouth Voices for Everyday Clients

Our Everyday Clients are people who need a voice over actor, but you're not really sure how to find one or what it will cost. Or, alternatively, you might be someone who is totally down with the platform and know we’ll take care of everything. Often Everyday Clients are looking for an voice actor for a personal project like a single presentation or a Kickstarter video.

If this is you, you start by searching for voices online and adding them to a shortlist:



  • From the GO TO SHORTLIST page, click on NEXT STEP (you need to be logged in to do this)


  • You can then enter in the details of the job and work out the price.



  • You can check the actor’s availability and request an audition.
  • You can also share this shortlist (including demos and auditions) at any stage, so other people in your team can check it out.


  • As the voices reply to these requests, you receive all this information directly through the Bigmouth platform.
  • At any time during the process you can VIEW PROGRESS by going to JOBS, selecting the relevant job, and then clicking on VIEW PROGRESS.



  • You can PICK YOUR VOICE, add any notes, upload the final script and confirm the job.



  • The selected voice records the voice over and uploads it via the platform. When you have approved the voiceover your payment will be made and you will be able download all the files
  • It’s important to note that we are always here at every step of the process should you need any help. This is one of the key advantages of BigMouth.

And that’s it! 

Ready to get started finding a voice over actor? Browse our talent list to find the right voice for you!