Tips for Briefing Your Voiceover Talent

You’ve hired an awesome voiceover artist, and the session is all booked. The only problem is, your voice is going to expect some direction, and you’re not quite sure what you need to let them know to ensure they record what you want!

The more your brief your voiceover talent before the session, the better job they’ll be able to do of nailing the voiceover you want. Here are some tips on what your actor needs to be briefed on.

  • The audience: Who will be listening to this voice? Will it be part of a marketing campaign, an explainer video, an on-hold message for your company phone system? What are the demographics of your target audience? 
  • The sound: Much of the ideas around the sound will come directly from the information you’ve given in the brief, but it also helps the voice over actor if you give detailed words to describe what you want: hip, sassy, trustworthy, calm, comic, slapstick, warm, cool, booming … etc.
  • The visuals: If you have visuals prepared for your video or slideshow, then uploading a link showing them to the voiceover actor can help them fine-tune their performance to match. 
  • The references: You might have examples of other voiceovers that you like that can be a good point of reference for the voice. Or a guide track that can help give the voice actor an idea of the pace you are after. You can upload these links as reference items for the voice.
  • Feedback: If they have completed an audition for you this allows you the opportunity to give very specific feedback on their audition before they record the final.

REMEMBER - you can select voices, add them to a shortlist, and request an audition from them at no charge!

With clear, specific direction your voice actor will be able to nail the script. 

A professional voice actor can deliver a solid performance in a tone that fits your brand. That’s where we can help. 

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