What’s your style? How to market yourself as a voice actor to clients

When you add your talent profile to BigMouth Voices, you’re able to use the profile, reel and keywords functions to tell potential agents what types of work you’re looking for and what you’re good at. It’s tempting to fill in as many as possible, to make yourself available for a greater number of jobs. 

In our experience, you should actually consider doing the exact opposite. 

When a client is searching for a voice actor, they’re looking for the perfect match for their criteria. That means, they want to look at a profile and know the actor’s got the everything to do a great job. If they look at your profile and see you do everything, they’re going to assume you aren’t as proficient as a specialist in the particular area you’re known for.

By spreading yourself too thin and trying to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one. It can be hard to wrap your head around this, and even harder to figure out exactly how to market your voice.

Here are our tips for creating your profile and defining your “niche”:

1. Listen and learn: Listen to voice over demos from other actors, and see how they define and categorise themselves, and add your own descriptions for their characters. Compile words and phrases that describe the actors who sound most like you, and have a think about how you would define your style.

2. Add description to your profile page and website. Instead of just listing your qualifications or experience, or gushing about how passionate you are about voice acting, use your portfolio space to help the client choose the right actor by outlining what unique traits, styles, and skills you bring to a voice over.

Flipping your marketing copy to help the client instead of promoting yourself will dramatically improve your results.

3. Be targeted with your descriptive keywords. Don’t add every single keyword to your profile. Focus on the areas where you’re strongest, and which result in the work you most enjoy. You want to attract the right clients to you by showing you’re an expert in the area they need you.

4. Update your profile. As you progress in your voice over career, you’ll learn new skills and also discover more about the types of clients you enjoy working with. At least once every 12 months you should update your profile on BigMouth and your website. Make sure it still reflects your most current skills and style and speaks to the right type of clients.

5. And remember you can add a reel specific to your styles! Make it easy for the client to pick you.

Finding your style or “niche” as a voice actor is a big step toward landing new work and growing your career. Where do you fit in?

If you want more commercial voiceover work from BigMouth? Don’t forget to update your profile with your best credits and all your details. Help us pitch your skills to the right people!