Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we often hear. If you can't find what you're looking for, head on over to the contact page and we can help you out.


What should I have on my demo reel

Show us as many styles as you can and that you know you can do well – retail, soft sell, a natural read, narration, character.  Versatility is good. Being able to put the right emphasis on the right words in the script is important.  Have a listen to some samples on the website to get an idea of what to record.

I can't get past the first page!

Make sure you are uploading a demo reel - otherwise you can't get past this first part of the process :)

I can't upload my demo reel

Make sure you are uploading an mp3 file.  You can convert any audio file into an mp3 by using this site

What kind of voices are you looking for?

At the moment we're keen to hear from you 

  • if you are an established voice artist
  • if you are an Asian voice artist
  • if you have a natural Australian accent
  • if you have a natural American accent
  • if you are under (or sound under) 26 years
  • if you are a fun, energetic kid who can read well and take direction

And of course we're always happy to hear from anyone with a reel.  We'll have a listen and let you know!


Everything I entered just disappeared :(

If you have left any fields blank when you click submit it will lose all your information. Make sure that you don't have any empty fields including styles, accents and languages.

Where can I find good scripts?


Eeek - I can't upload my audition!!

Check that you are uploading an mp3. You can convert your audio at or

I'm replying to an audition/ availability check and I keep getting an error message

If the job is requesting that you record an audition you need to upload an mp3 version of your audition and then click 'confirm availability'.

When will I get paid?

Payments are made on the 4th and the 24th of the month. We make payment once BigMouth has been paid. Once the payment has been reconcilled the payslip is available for you to download from your JOBS page. 


How does it all work?!

How do I Find a Voice?

We know that initially it might seem overwhelming and you might not know where to start so here are the steps we recommend you take:

1. Create a client profile so that once you add voices to your shortlist you can take the next step. You can do this HERE

2. When it comes to finding a voice we have created loads of filter options available to you. So have a go at selecting the gender, age band, accent, language and style that you're after. You can also filter by location or whether a voice has a home studio or not. Let us know if there are any search filters that you would like us to add 👍🏼

3. Once you have your search results you can listen to their demo reels - or just the first 20 seconds or so. We've tried to edit the reels so that the first 30 seconds give you two reads with two differing styles from each voice

4. If you want to find out more about your selected voice you can click on their thumbnail and this will take you to their full profile page

Once you have search results you can add your faves to a shortlist and then either request a FREE AUDITION from them or you can CHECK THEIR AVAILABILITY for your recording session date and time.

If you need any help with booking a studio then we can also help with this as we work closely with Native Audio in Auckland. And you can either direct the session in person or you can also connect to the session remotely.

Sing out if you have questions - we love to talk!

How do I get a quote

If all you want at this stage is a quote you can add any voice to a shortlist (don't worry it doesn't have to be your final voice), click the 'Go To Shortlist' button and then click the 'Next Step' button at the bottom of the page. You can then enter your script and it will calculate the fee according to the number of words. 

Can I attach a word doc or PDF to work out the price for the VO

You need to cut and paste the words and enter them into the content box. This will then automatically calculate the fee for your VO!

I can't upload an audition script

Make sure you are uploading a PDF version of your script