Colin Cassidy

Adult, Young Adult

Colin Cassidy has been awarded for his voiceover talents in London, New York and Australia. His voice is as engaging and sophisticated as it is diverse and character-filled with a general reading style known as 'CHATTY GRAVITAS' - a chatty friend meets a trusted advisor.

It is often said that writers who can perform, make the best voiceovers – this is certainly true in Colin’s case. As a former Copywriter & Creative director, Colin blends the mindset of a wordsmith with the talent of a performer.

This unique fusion enables him to turn the dial up or down on accents, emotion, pitch, pace and tone – skills which make directing a collaborative joy. Colin also ‘gets the script’ grasping nuances such as ‘authorial intention’ as well as the client-centric imperative to be a ‘Vocal Ambassador’ for the brand – all this with the vocal execution of a seasoned voice acting professional.

Born in outback Australia to a Scottish Mother, Colin spoke with a Scottish accent for the first 5 years of his life, then – as a Creative Writer in his late twenties – went to live in the UK for 10 years, returning to Sydney Australia where he now records in both accents for clients worldwide.

After a 20-year career in the media – Colin’s experience and talent is only matched by his friendly, relational style, making him a pleasure to work with and direct.

Colin records daily in Sydney at his home studio via source connect, skype or phone patch or happily attends 'in-person' studio sessions. For professional, high quality voiceovers, cast Colin’s voice talents today.

Location: Sydney NSW 2000, Australia




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