Margo Trueblood

Mature Adult, Adult
Has Own Studio

Featuring in-home broadcast quality studio including: Source Connect Standard (username TruebloodVoice); Skype (user name TruebloodVoice); Zoom; Phone Patch and other telephone conference call capabilities.

Recent achievements include:  

CV Magazine's  E-Learning VOICE OVER ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2019 US/AZ, for accomplishments in E-Learning and Corporate Training voice over narration.

SOVAS Voice Arts Award Winner - Best Voiceover Audio Book Narration in the Non-Fiction Category for Health and Wellness/Self Help.

Margo's background is in theater.  In addition to performing, she has written for the stage and screen.  Her intimate knowledge of character development through both writing and performing provides her with a substantial community of characters that she draws upon to bring life to her narration.  Her voice over range encompasses radio, television, corporate training, narrative, documentary, e-Learning, fiction and non-fiction audio books, and more.

Location: Tucson, AZ, USA




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