Nicholas Contreras

Adult, Young Adult

The Global Voice From Nowhere.

Nicholas Contreras is a Filipino Voiceover Artist who loves telling stories, pushing boundaries and making people laugh. He is warm, energetic, personable and on many an occasion...offbeat!

Nicholas has a global accent that you can’t quite place: A Global Voice From Nowhere. It is a blend between a Kiwi accent and Standard U.S. American accent.

He can also utilize a Standard U.S. American accent.

Nicholas has the versatility to voice in a number of different styles, takes direction well, and especially enjoys character acting.

Projects Nicholas has been involved in:

Explainer Videos:

- SCMP; Voiceover; How will China’s Belt and Road Initiative change business opportunities around the world?

- SCMP; Voiceover; Why entrepreneurs study Chinese business practices to boost their companies

Video Games: 

- Clunky Hero; Characters: Donpiero, Skinny Troll and Fat Bat

- Jazz and Azul; Characters: Azul Johnson and Shopkeeper #2

Other Relevant Experience

- Motion Capture Voice Acting Experience


- The New Zealand Voice Academy Course (Tutors: Toby Ricketts, Andi Spargo, John Sweetman, Sarah McLeod, Bronnie Howells)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Creating an Audition that Pops (Tutor: Sara Jane Sherman)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Thrive in VO! How to Win the Audition (Tutor: Elley Ray Hennessy)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Fear of Improv - 12 Steps (Tutor: Scott Parkin)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Narrating from the Inside, Out (Tutor: Dian Perry)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Video Game Auditions - How to Knock it out of the Park (Tutor: Randall Ryan)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Amazing Radio Commercial Reads that book more work (Tutor: Rich O'Donoghue)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Discover The Animation Character Voices Within You (Tutor: Lori Alan)

- Actor’s Voice - Voice Classes (Tutor: Sylvia Rands)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Video Games to Anime to Film Sets - How to Deliver the Best Audition (Tutor: Jason Douglas)

Location: Auckland, New Zealand




Standard US


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