Richard Savage

Adult, Mature Adult
Has Own Studio

Transforming Your Thoughts Into Sound - Conveying Your Message

Richard has helped people convey their ideas in commercials for radio, TV, and social media; in corporate promo videos for a number of leading production companies; in audio guides for popular tourist sites throughout the Czech Republic; and in children’s stories and songs and other teaching materials which have gone on to win awards worldwide. 

He's been a voice artist for over ten years, and these days he does it from his home studio, where he records, engineers, produces and edits everything himself using professional audio equipment, as well as writes and records his own original music.

Richard has a relatable, compassionate, yet professional voice with a natural British RP accent, although he expertly produces a range of accents, including Cockney and North American.

Location: Pilsen, Czechia




british english
standard us


character - british accent
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