Sumara Meers

Mature Adult, Adult, Young Adult, Teenager

I’m an Aussie voice actress. I’ve been working and studying in drama, theatre and film for most of my life. I have a Bachleor Degree in theatre. I’ve studied numerous courses with the NIDA Open Program in Sydney in acting, voiceovers, character and directing, and most recently have been coaching with J. Michael Collins for commercial and corporate voiceovers.

My voice has been described as fun and approachable, sexy and sophisticated, confident and expressive. I’ll use it to bring your script to life, no matter the tone or context.

You need a professional actress you can rely on. Someone who takes her work seriously but knows how to have a laugh. That’s why I’ll also bring to the table…

– Down to earth, ego-free attitude
– Ability to adapt and be directed
– Nimble & efficient approach
– Upbeat, friendly and open-minded personality
– Slick systems and processes for a smooth turnaround
– Natural intuition for bringing the right character or tone to the script
– Excellent sight-reading skills

Location: Woodstock NSW 2793, Australia




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